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Taj Mahal Tour Packages

Like a diamond etched on the glittering crown that is India, The Taj Mahal is ever sparkling, radiant and ever sublime. It is truly a wonder born to be admired by the billions that unduly value its presence. An undying epitome of love, a living mausoleum, a precious gift, a bulbous flame, one can define this awe inspiring specter of beauty in a million ways. The very sight of The Taj Mahal instills in you the very essence of its existence, its greatness and its significance. Famous as a masterpiece and an architectural marvel of impeccable beauty, it is counted among the man’s most creative creations.

Taj Mahal is the miracle India is blessed with and your India tour can never be complete without witnessing its mesmerizing beauty. This symbol of immortality stands elegantly in the vicinities of the Yamuna River at Agra, gorgeous in itself; every brick with which it is etched possesses a thousand mouths which speak the never ending story of inextinguishable love between the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and the Presian Princess Mumtaz Mahal.

A tour to Agra can have a fabulous start by witnessing the Taj Mahal but there will always be a lot more to discover in this place of grandeur, rich culture, traditions, history and heritage. Taj Mahal Tour Packages will be a trail of surprises that will follow as you head further to its lively streets and bustling bazaars. Brimming with traditional clothes, footwears, local art and crafts, handmade puppets and jewelries, you can buy a huge chunk of momentums to keep and pass on once you get home.

Best is to visit India, at the time of festivals that the Indian calendar is filled with, as the real essence of this country is reflected in the time when it rejoices. It will be best to take a Taj Mahal tour to India at the time of scintillating Taj Festivel. Also known as the Taj Mahotsav , this festival is stretches to 10 long days. It is basically a cultural introduction to India and the diversity it holds. This festival is usually held in the Month of February. With Taj Mahal Tour Packages you can best explore this place.

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Taj Mahal Tour PackagesTaj Mahal Tour Packages

Like a diamond etched on the glittering crown that is India, The Taj Mahal is ever sparkling, radiant and ever sublime...
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